Delivery order will be included a delivery charge per trip. Any delivery charge is not a tip paid to your driver. Please reward tip to your driver for their hard work

COMPLETE DINNER   from 3:00pm - 10:00pm serves with any large order fro $2.95 extra get: 1 Spring roll, Regular fried rice or white rice + Choice of Soup: Hot & Sour, Egg Drop or Wonton
LUNCH SPECIAL from 11:00am - 3:00pm serves with Fried Rice or White Rice and 2 Pieces of Crab Rangoon, Choice of Soup Hot & Sour, Egg Drop or Wonton
We can alter spice  level according to your preferences!     If you have a special requirment, please let us know early!
Location #1 University of Daton
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Phone: 937-223-5898
Phone/Fax: 937-223-5890